Congregational Board 2016 - 2017

Several years ago it was agreed that people serving on the Congregational Board must retire after three years, with the exception of those holding positions of responsibility.

This structure has proved a great success, allowing fresh faces to join the Board while also retaining a sense of experience and continuity. Each year the opportunity is given for three Elders and three Church members to join the Board.

Continuous Appointments
Chairman: Rev. Kenneth C Elliott
Clerk to The Board: T.B.A
Deputy Clerk to The Board: Mrs Katie McKail
Treasurer: Mr Frank McQuade
Session Clerk: Mr Alan Moir

Gift Aid Convenor Mrs Aileen Telfer
F.W.O. Convenor: Mrs Margaret Moir
Deputy Treasurer Mrs Karen Mathers
Stewardship Convenor Mr Andy Mitchell

Safeguarding Co-ordinator
Co-ordinator Mrs Kate McKail

Elected from Kirk Session
Ms Shona McGill Retire 2017
Mrs Ann McPike  
Mr James Yee  
Mrs Margaret Bingham Retire 2018
Mrs Jean Dunlop  
Mr Neil Inglis  
Mr Willie Irvine Retire 2019
Mr Arthur MacKay  
Mr John Park  

Elected from Congregation
Ms Gwen Boyd Retire 2017
Mrs Jamie McLean  
Mrs Mhairi McAlinden Retire 2018
Mrs Mary McCormack  
Mrs Jean Cullen Retire 2019
Mr Arnie Green  
Mrs Grace Walker  

Please remember

If you would like to serve on the Congregational Board then speak to the Minister or Clerk to the Board.  The opportunity is there for all Church Members.